The green-skinned Orks are brutish, dim-witted creatures that are prone to extreme acts of aggression. Their unique psychology drives them to seek out conflict and war. Although they appear crude and barbaric, their society is clearly structured and their behaviour belies an instinctive affinity for technology - so long as that technology is relevant to waging war!

Orks often mob up into recognisable 'clans'. The 'Goffs' clan, for example, are loud, aggressive and 'proper Orky'. The 'Bad Moons' clan are obsessed with adorning themselves with flashy weapons and ostentatious trophies.

Space Marine Units Edit

Shoota Boy
Lib or t1pn
Ork Boyz are typical of their kind - aggressive, slow-witted and always itching for a good fight.
Lib or t1rk
Nobs are a leader-caste; their size and strength giving them according rank by the tenets of greenskin societal structure.
Ork Loota
Lib or t1bp
Lootas are particularly untrustworthy orks, except to the various Ork specialists that benefit from their expertise at junking, looting and stealing anything that looks half-useful and isn’t bolted down.
Lib or t1kn
Stormboyz are crazed Orks equipped with jetpacks and brutal weapons - high-bore sluggas and a characteristically unwieldy ‘choppa’
Lib or t1qn
Weirdboyz are unfortunate Orks that are attuned to the latent psychic energy of their fellow greenskins.
Lib or t1kg
Hugely tough and strong, the Warboss is less deadly from afar as he violently drives his horde to greater and greater acts of carnage.