The game has two playable modes, Regicide and Classic - both available as single-player and multiplayer.


2015-07-21 00001

The Initiative Phase in the Regicide Mode lets you plan the destruction of your enemies.

Regicide is a turn-based tactical based on the mechanics of Chess.

A few key differences in Regicide result in a very different game Taking on chess's concept of the 8×8 board and pieces such as the King or Rook, Regicide mode will involve two factions fighting against each other and two phases of combat where each player will plan and execute his attack through a plethora of abilities and equipment that will differ with each unit. 

On default, the player is granted 3 initiative points each phase which they can spend, in that turn, on the abilities and equipment available to the specific friendly piece they are moving, as well as Player abilities. The amount of initiative points can be boosted with some abilities.


The Classic Battle Mode will be based on the traditional chess rules and will involve selecting a faction and battling it out online or offline against opponents the same way chess works.</p